Micromec Philosophy


Provide products of excellence, adequate and innovative with respect to technological developments and responding to market needs. Give security to our customer through a well managed and tested process. Provide answers to our customers’ needs in a proactive and evolved, flexible and precise way, finding new solutions to the challenges that the market offers every day.

We want to continue to be a dynamic reality, able to respond to every need for customization both in terms of design and construction, able to provide services and products of undisputed excellence in terms of quality and innovation.


We want our Brand to become recognized as a synonym of excellence in the quality of the product, supported by a technical support service of high value, able to provide our Stakeholders with quick and precise answers in line with the requirements.


  • Micromec acts in the free market and is oriented towards honest and fair profit. Nevertheless, pure profit is not the only nor the main purpose of the company.
  • Micromec recognizes as primary its role and social responsibility and orients itself in its choices and strategies in a way consistent with this direction.
  • Micromec undertakes to respect the law and to maintain an ethically correct behaviour towards workers, authorities, supervisory authorities and institutional authorities.
  • Micromec takes all the appropriate means to:
  • Offer useful, quality goods and services at fair prices;
  • Work with professionalism to build and strengthen good and sincere relationships with customers, suppliers and partners;
  • To deal fairly with competitors by presenting the true value of their products and services and refraining from putting others’ products or services in negative light.
  • Work by promoting energy saving and the use, where possible, of environmentally sustainable energy resources and environmental sustainability through the use of durable components. Monitoring actions will be implemented in order to allow an improvement of its environmental performance;
  • Work to reduce the risk of possible harmful pollution to protect and safeguard the environment.
  • Micromec is committed to creating working conditions that promote the attention and enhancement of the person, through:
    • A management and organisation capable of promoting both teamwork and individual growth;
    • The definition of personal development plans to make the best use of each employee’s talents by fostering creativity, assumption of responsibility and participation in defining and achieving corporate objectives;
    • Compliance with safety, health, hygiene and working time regulations.
  • Micromec is committed to creating the conditions for the development of a culture of reciprocity among its employees, consultants, collaborators and partners, and a climate of trust in which it is natural to freely provide its talents, ideas and skills for the professional growth of colleagues. It also acts towards its employees, from whom it expects equal behaviour.
  • The organisation shall strive for compliance with applicable environmental requirements through continuous improvement of the environmental management system. The Integrated Policy and the company’s objectives will be periodically reviewed in order to verify their adequacy in relation to its own reality.


  • Investments are made with particular attention to the development of the company, the creation of new activities and jobs.
  • Micromec is dedicated to creating the conditions for the development of the environmental culture within the company through the sharing of the integrated management system;

Quality and sustainability

While offering the best product and service Micromec pays attention to the environment and the planet. Moreover Micromec activities are held respecting the norms of her field.

Micromec is inspired by the ethical principles that state each individual as protagonist of the organisation he works for and the planet as essential foundation.

  • Humans as strong chain link able to use the best technology available.
  • Thecnology as the sole solution for innovation, progress and improvement of results, bridge to reach daily targets and mean to diminish risks.
  • Training as essential mean for growth, to handle technology and the organisation, essential step to evaluate humans, satisfy and protect them.

Micromec’s challenge is to stand by her Customer becoming for him and his organisation the technological reference point, the essential service to reach his targets and keep up with the high standards that the market requires.